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Ways you can get involved
PACK A GIFT & PRAY. A shoe box filled with small toys, hygiene items, and school supplies tangibly demonstrates God’s love to a child in need. [No toothpaste, candy or Food]
Remember to pray that God will touch the heart of every child who receives a shoe box gift, and that many children and families come to faith in Christ.

GIVE. A donation of just $9 per box makes it possible for Operation Christmas Child to deliver each gift that you pack to a child thousands of miles away. If you donate online you can follow where your gift is distributed.

DISCIPLE. Your gift can help give a child the opportunity to enroll in The Greatest Journey follow-up discipleship program that teaches children about salvation through Jesus Christ. Boxes and information available in the foyer and in Children’s Sunday School hallway today through November 5th.
All boxes must be returned by November 12th.

Performances the first two weekends in December.
Dec. 1, 7p  | Dec. 2, 6p  |  Dec. 3, 6p
Dec. 8, 7p  | Dec. 9, 6p  |  Dec. 10, 6p

Ticket on sale November 5
(Purchased at the church on Sunday or during office hours. M-F 8-4p)
Adult: $6.00
Children (under age 18): $4.00
Family Pass: $20.00

Humbug! Merry Christmas Indeed!
Story by Joshua Moore
Script by Dave Cruse
Music by Michael A. Moore, John F. Morgan, and Suzette Moore

Set in the 1950’s, Humbug! is a story of a small town which is threatened by the greedy intentions of real estate mogul, Winston T. Grubber. Winston’s scheme to line his own pockets at the expense of unsuspecting townspeople backfires when his young apprentice innocently, but effectively, trips him up and sends the deal into the dumps. With the town against him, Winston, alone and vulnerable, learns from his apprentice how God works in unexpected ways, just as He did that first Christmas.

Invite your friends and family to step into 1950 and experience the real meaning of Christmas!

Join us November 2 @ 11:00a in the sanctuary!
Burt Kettinger will be our special guest singing gospel songs.

7:00 am |  Open to men of all ages! Come for breakfast; be encouraged by inspirational speakers and fellowship with other men.

All are welcome to a service of Thanksgiving, Nov. 22. We come together to thank our Lord for the many blessing He has given throughout the year.

This Christmas Eve Sunday CLCBC will have only one service. 10a
Also, join us later for our Christmas Eve services at 4p or 6p.

O Holy Night! In the quiet of the night our Savior was born. Celebrate with the body of believers as we remember the gift of Christ’s birth.