Adult Seniors

“If you’re consumed with God’s life, if you share his love with others, if you practice it each day, you too can start a revolution of love in your own home, in your own church, in your own neighborhood.”

~ Dr. George Sweeting

Adult seniors of CLCBC have a rich opportunity to be engaged with each other and the church family at large. Small groups meet during the week, Sunday morning classes and a once monthly Pacesetters event are available throughout the year.

Inspiration, Humor, Friends, Good Food!

Join the Pacesetters community of CLCBC. For those that sign up to come, look forward to renown speakers, writers and gifted musicians.  Pacesetters events are once a month with two breaks, one in the winter months and one in the summer months.  Please check the section “Next in Pacesetters” to see when the next Pacesetters meeting will be.  To register for the next Pacesetter event, click the button below.

PACESETTERS EVENTS ARE SUSPENDED due the COVID19 shutdown of all churches. Please check back for more information about PacesetterS events or by callING the church office.